Noise Riser (Michael Stepien) is an artist from Poland (currently living in south Limburg,Netherlands) known from very expressive and energetic styles. He started as a lighting technician and a Dj in a small club in 2005. That time the genre of choice was Detroit Techno and Electro. After a successful year Michael moved to hardstyle and early hardcore. So the journey has started, through many clubs in Poland, bringing the Harder styles of dance music with him.

How he plays?
Michael mostly prefers high energy underground and raw styles. Most common to hear in his sets are raw sounds in most hard editions. He does not make too many slowdowns or breaks keeping the energy on the dance floor at it’s highest points. Noise Riser is known of mixing more than only two tracks together. He adds a lot of samples, loops and effects, and what he loves the most – live remixing! This is keeping his every performance exciting and unique. It’s hard to find ready tracks or remixes made by Noise Riser, because He is creating them during his live acts.

What he does?
Year 2015 was his decade behind the decks and Michael currently plays featuring in clubs and events in Germany, Netherlands and Poland. He is also known from the unique and unusual stage and light designs featuring his own events.
At 2016 Noise Riser lunched exciting club event series – KINETIC, that is based on 3D visuals and unique lighting technology.  He also participated in various events and festivals like Hardergeddon, The Freestyle Room, Legends, Essential, Bass be Louder, Freestyle Madness, Demolition of Hardcore, Circus of Madness, Code Red, Hardcore Battle of the Nations and many more…

Noise Riser is also a co-founder of the series of parties known as Freestyle United and an active member of Terror Lines Entertainment agency.

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